Friday, December 2, 2011

After a 4-year search, we found our Loop boat!

Mara Beel
After a search that lasted nearly 4 years and covered 13 states, we finally found the perfect-for-us boat- a Ocean Alexander 423 Classico! We love our boat! She is currently on the hard in heated storage in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

Our plan is to get to know Mara Beel on Lake Michigan in 2012. We hope to begin the Great Loop sometime in 2014. This blog will serve as our ship's log and enable our family and friends to follow our adventures.

By the way, the name Mara Beel comes from a combination of letters from our first and middle names: MA from Mark, RA from Rae, BE from Becky, and EL from Elwood. Of course, Mara happens to be the name of our first (and only at this point) grandchild.

The official new name!

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