Monday, April 8, 2013

Compounding and waxing

Last week we returned to the Mara Beel to work on her. How we missed our boat during the winter! It was great to be back on board even in heated storage. Our friends Mark and Lynn were with us to help with some big chores. In 5 days the guys:
  • washed the exterior of the boat
  • compounded the outside below the rail
  • applied two coats of wax below the rail
  • tore out the old electronics to make way for the new instruments we purchased at the Miami Boat Show in February
A shiny hull!

The gals drove over to Menominee, MI to pick up our settee cushions. Shelby at the Straight Stitch did a wonderful job of replacing the foam in the leather cushion covers. Of course we had to have lunch at the Serving Spoon while we were there. It's a great cafe/coffee shop.

We also cleaned the 13 windows on the inside and re-hung the curtains which we had dry cleaned. Exactly 182 pleats all together, so lots of hooks to re-insert. Glad that job is done!

Lynn and I had time to browse the shops in Sturgeon Bay and make a quick trip to Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. Although there were a few signs of Spring, it still felt like winter in Door County.

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