Saturday, August 16, 2014

Battery Monitoring

One of these days (soon) I will be writing about the places we visit and the experiences we have as we resume our travels. In the meantime, we work to prepare the Mara Beel.

We are alone today in Port Charles Harbor.  Our friends Joe and Punk and Fred and Linda left yesterday morning on their trip up the Mississippi. Both couples are on 37' Great Harbours. We definitely miss the great conversations and the wealth of knowledge they generously shared.

Today it is raining so we are working inside. A battery monitoring device will give us information on the charge in our batteries when we are anchored out, so we are installing one. The first step was to cut a hole in the dashboard to hold the gauge. This was accomplished fairly easily. But the worst was still ahead. Mark used the shop vac to clean up the saw dust. A little while later I noticed that he had missed a few spots. In fact, there was sawdust EVERYWHERE in the salon. And I do mean everywhere. I was just a LITTLE upset because I just cleaned the interior of the boat yesterday. So I grabbed the shop vac to pick up what he had missed. Every time I turned around it seemed there was more dust than before.  In fact, there was an ever-increasing amount of sawdust everywhere. The windows and doors were closed, so the breeze was not blowing it around. Oh but wait- isn't there supposed to be a BAG inside the shop vac?? No wonder the dust was increasing-  it was blowing out the back of the shop vac.  I think I might have thrown something at this point. Maybe. I tried to implement our 5 second rule (we try hard to get over anger in 5 seconds). It didn't work. Not at all.

After I cooled down we tackled step 2- running wires from the batteries to the back of the gauge. 

The new gauge.

Mark running wires.

I can hardly wait till tomorrow when we install a new water filter!

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