Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Looper Lifestyle

Day 96-99
Miles today: 0 Total miles: 2,481
Hours today:   0
Locks today: 0.    Total locks: 34

There's no big, exciting news to report for the last few days- just the typical Looper Lifestyle.

Sunday evening we co-hosted a cookout for several Loopers who crossed the Gulf over the weekend, including True North, Roundabout, and Dream Fever. It was so wonderful when other Loopers did that for us the previous week that we wanted to pass it on. After all, who wants to cook after spending 27 hours bouncing around in the Gulf of Mexico??

Another fantastic sunset in paradise

Monday was a gray, misty day, so we drove up to Tarpon Springs with Dan and Angie. We chatted with Lollygagger and Raydiance, who landed there after the crossing. I made Ranchero Chicken tacos in my crockpot, so Angie and Dan joined us for dinner. Our challenge at the moment is to use up our perishable food before heading home for the holidays!

Tuesday was a special day- my childhood friends Nancy and Janet, and Nancy's husband Tom picked us up and we shared lunch at Ozona Blue and memories of the good old days in Fort Madison. I had not seen these girls since I was 8, and caught up with them back in February, which is a whole 'nother story.  Nancy babysat my brother and me way back when until her family moved to Florida!

Nancy, Janet and Becky onboard

Last night we ate at Frenchy's Outpost, just across the street, with Sea Horse and Raydiance. It is not surprising that many Loopers feel the need to join AA and Weight Watchers at the end of their journeys!

This morning we begged a ride to the Pinellas County Tax Office and purchased a Florida registration for Mara Beel. This registration might or might not be required- no one seems to have a definitive grasp of the law. We are a Coast Guard documented boat with a Wisconsin registration, but Florida wants some $$ for any boat staying in the state more than 90 days. We have heard that the fine for not have this non-required sticker is not appealable, and is more expensive than the registration sticker. So, better safe than sorry.

Our shiny new sticker

This afternoon the men made yet another of their almost daily trips to West Marine. (West Marine is to Mark what the Container Store is to me.) Meanwhile  I went for a long walk on the excellent bike/walking path that runs from Tarpon Springs to Clearwater and discovered a great little park, a historic chapel, and a butterfly garden. Tomorrow I will go back to those places with my "real" camera.

Hammock Park

Andrews Memorial Chapel

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