Monday, October 5, 2015

So Much Rain!

We are concerned about our friends in Charleston, Southport, and Little River, SC, and thankfully all are safe and relatively dry today. Mara Beel is on the hard in Wilmington, NC, wet on the outside, but safe. We are planning to start the drive back to NC on October 12, unless something changes. We have mixed feelings about leaving friends and family, but we have come to realize that dirt dwelling is much more complicated than living on our boat!

We've been busy here winterizing the pontoon boat, jet ski, runabout, lawn mower and golf cart; pulling the dock; cleaning up the yard; packing, etc. The weather turned much cooler and windier the last few days, so it's time....

The pontoon boat is tucked away for the winter- the dock is next!

Watching the various passenger ships cruise up and down the river this summer has been a treat.

Queen of the Mississippi headed upriver. Darn those trees!

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  1. We're leaving this Friday or Saturday and after a bit of a road trip to visit friends/family along the way we'll be joining you in the sunny (hopefully by then!) South. Gran Vida is waiting for us not too far from Wilmington. Hope to see you along the way!