Sunday, April 24, 2016


We arrived in Marineland on the 22nd.  We stayed here last year and were happy to return to this marina, and to Captain's BBQ- one of the best barbecue restaurants in the country!

Pam and John's car was brought here a few days ago, so we'e been able to see the sights, grocery shop, attend church, and eat out.

Osprey eating a fish

We took a 2-hour eco-tour with Ripple Effect Tours in a jet boat powered by vegetable oil- interesting exhaust fumes!  It was disappointing- we didn't venture off the main waterway and saw a few birds and dolphins at a distance. But it was fun to be out there in a small fast boat, and to see the fort. This area is the GTM- Guana Tolomato Matanzas- National Estuarine Research  Reserve. "Estuary" is the technical terms for the area where salt and fresh waters meet. Brandon shared lots of information about the birds, dolphins, and importance of this environment.

Our naturalist guide Brandon, with Mark, Pam and John

Fort Matanzas was built by the Spanish to guard the Matanzas Inlet.

The cannons and watch tower

Fort Matanzas

Matanzas is Spanish for "many slaughters."

We also visited Marineland Dolphin Adventure, right across the road from the marina. Marineland opened in 1938 as a movie studio where underwater scenes were filmed.It used to be a popular tourist attraction, but now not much of interest is happening here.

Dinner at Captains Barbeque

These are ruins from Mala Compra plantation at Bings Landing near Marineland. 

Sunset at Marineland. 

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