Saturday, January 7, 2017

So Excited to be Back on Mara Beel

We didn't expect to be land lubbers for 7 months, but our return was delayed by Hurricane Matthew 2 weeks before we were due to come back. Our boat was not affected but nearby marinas were damaged, and the ICW was filled with debris. So we waited until after Christmas to head south. Mara Beel was wonderfully cared for at St. Marys Boat Services- a great boatyard with friendly folks. We splashed at noon on January 5th and immediately headed over to Amelia Island marina, just a few miles away.

All boat systems were working properly, so yesterday we motored on down to St. Augustine. To avoid low tide, we left at 0615 in the dark, with me standing on the bow with a powerful Marine Beam flashlight for the next hour. What a terrific flashlight! Even so, we were happy when the sun appeared and the flashlight could be stowed.

The beautiful red sunrise accurately predicted storms later.

We enjoyed an easy cruise to St. Augustine and Rivers Edge Marina- this is our third stay here. Friends Connie and Joe on Chesapeake are here- good to connect with them again. St. Augustine is my favorite town- it's just so beautiful, historic, and interesting. Today, January 7, is St. Augustine's winter this year. No doubt spring will arrive tomorrow!

We spent the evening and much of today shuttling our van from St. Marys to Fort Pierce since it was too stormy to cruise.  We met brand new friends on Shingebiss- Liz and Steve. When we returned to our boat Mark worked on a sump pump, bilge pump, heating system, and reluctant genset. All were easily set right and are working fine.  Which means the next time he needs to tighten a bolt it will be a 45 minute job! Karma.

Saw this shrimp boat coming up the San Sebastian River right past us- birds definitely love it!

We will make our way to our winter home in Fort Myers during the next week or so.


  1. Good tom see you're back on board! Say HI to Liz Steve. We met therm on our trip.

  2. Illuminator flashlights do rule!

  3. Illuminator flashlights do rule!