Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Penetanguishene to Britt

We left Penetang after a terrific visit with Susan and Jeff on July 2 knowing that hordes of holiday boaters would be returning to their marinas in full force after the long Canada Day weekend. So we were not surprised to meet dozens of large cruisers stirring up big wakes and rocking us. Between the wakes and the wind, I was not able to take any photos! We spent the night in Killbear Marina, an isolated spot.

We took off early this morning- July 3 -  and enjoyed an almost smooth Lake Huron. We were in open water part of the the time and in protected passages most of the way. The scenery along this part of the Canadian Shield was nice- granite everywhere. Some passages were extremely narrow, twisting,  and lined with boulders.

We are spending the night in Wright's Marina in Britt on the Byng Inlet. Their boater lounge is fun- we've played many games of table shuffleboard after walking to St. Amant's Restaurant for fish and chips.

One of the 30,000 islands in the Georgian Bay

The original site of a barrel placed here  to mark safe passage through turbulent waters.


Thousands of cottages dot the rocks, but this one is unique.

A traditional Great Lakes style boat

Rocks are everywhere

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