Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring at Last- Time for bottom paint

Entering the boat lift

We are so excited that boating season has almost arrived in the midwest! Mara Beel has been de-winterized and cleaned up after a very long, cold winter. It was great to be back on board, even for just a few days. We cruised down the Mississippi from Louisiana, MO, 60 miles or so to Port Charles Harbor near St. Charles MO. The river was nearly at flood stage, which meant a faster than usual current and plenty of floating tree parts, large and small. The water is supposed to go even higher in the next few days.

Up she goes- with Mark keeping an eye on things

Our existing bottom paint will be blasted off, and then the hull will be inspected. The plan is to apply 5 coats of barrier paint, followed by 3 coats of bottom coat. The bottom paint layers will each be a different color so we will be able to see when the paint is wearing thin. We will be ready for salt water!

Set her down easy, guys.

The work should be finished in 2 weeks or so- just about the time our new grandson is due. When baby Mather has arrived and the river levels are good we will bring the boat home to work on her during the summer months. Our Great Loop adventure will continue in the fall.

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