Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's time to get ready!

We are back on board! Mara Beel has spent the summer so far in St. Charles, MO, waiting for the Mississippi floodwaters to recede. It seems foolish to try to cruise upstream in a fast current, so we have stayed put. We will continue our Loop from here in September. 

We are busy with provisioning and organizing for the long haul. Mark is replacing our power receptacles and cord ends with "Smart Plugs." They are safer and much easier to deal with. The instructions say "installs in minutes." Haha.  Guess that doesn't apply to crazy Chinese wiring where the wire colors are all mixed up. It also doesn't help when the container of screws and special screwdriver are knocked into the river when our hero leaped after the set of installation instructions, which we're blowing away. Awesome. We have recovered nicely, so no worries. 

We also want to install a new anchor and replace our interior lighting with low energy LED's. We also want to add a water filter before we start out. There's always a project to tackle!

At any rate, it is GREAT to be back on the boat!

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