Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back at Myakka

Day 120
Miles today:  0    Total miles: 2,537.5
Hours today:    0
Locks today: 0.    Total locks: 34

We didn't see all that Myakka River Park has to offer last week, so we returned today. This visit we did the Birdwalk and the Canopy Walk. I preferred the Birdwalk, since I am rather fond of the earth. This boardwalk extends into the marshy area along the edge of the river. We saw several Glossy Ibises, White Ibises, Egrets, and Mottled Ducks. 

The Canopy Walk is a walkway suspended between two wooden towers. It swings back and forth (mainly thanks to Mark). It's only about 25 feet off the ground, but the tower is 76 feet high. We had a great view of the park and the treetops. I was only a tiny bit queasy.

The walkway

View from the tower

It was cool in the morning, but warmed up nicely by afternoon. Another beautiful day!

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