Sunday, January 17, 2016

It was a dark and stormy night...

...last night. Our weather alarms on two different VHF radios sounded shortly after midnight and continued until nearly 6 AM. We eventually decided to get up and get dressed and prepare to leave Mara Beel. Our only option was the marina restrooms. Storms always seem worse in the middle of the night when its impossible to see threatening clouds. (except during lightning flashes) We turned on the TV and watched the radar go from dark red to purple and black as at least one tornado hit the Sarasota area north of us. There were no rotating formations headed for Fort Myers, so we stayed on board, thankful that we had just thunderstorms and winds clocked at 58 mph. The Naples area south of us was treated to 85 mph winds, so we dodged a bullet. We were able to breath a sigh of relief and go back to sleep around 6:00.

In contrast, yesterday was picture-perfect! 80 degrees, a gentle breeze, beautiful blue skies... We hiked over to Publix for groceries in the morning.

 After lunch we walked to the Antique and Classic Boat Show at the Marina at Edison Ford. Pristine wood boats were on display- sure hope they all survive the night. On the way we passed by the Bacon Jam- a festival feature live music and foods prepared with bacon as a main ingredient. There's lots to do and see here. We walked over 6 miles total, and loved it!

Our friends John and Kathy joined us for docktails. They and many others are gathering here in Fort Myers for the annual Gold Loopers Reunion. We are not eligible to attend the event itself since we have not completed the Loop, but we are having a grand time re-connecting with friends.

Glacier Gal was a tour boat on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

We spotted this poor creature on a boat tied up near us. Don't miss the small sign on the rail.

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