Sunday, January 24, 2016

Looper Reunion and Friends

The annual Gold Looper Reunion was held earlier this week here in Fort Myers. We are NOT Gold Loopers, since we have not completed the entire Great Loop- nor do we have any immediate plans to do so. (We joke that we are tan Loopers, since our originally white Looper burgee is showing its age.) At any rate, we know many Gold Loopers and enjoyed reminiscing about our shared experiences. Of course the best telling of tales happens over food and drink!

The Little River gang at Capone's

The crews of Island Time and Young at Heart at Rum Runners

Lots of Loopers at Joe's Crab Shack

Sticking to the automotive theme at Ford's Garage, the sinks in the women's restroom are tires with gas pump faucets!

The crew of Short Vacation

In-progress Loopers on Mara Beel

It has been a whirlwind of re-connecting with old friends and making new friends. Now, however, most of the Gold Loopers have gone home and things are settling down. It's almost time to start in on our lengthy list of boat chores.

Farmers Market is held every Thursday in Centennial Park near the yacht basin. In addition to a load of beautiful fresh veggies, we scored some wonderful pink shrimp, caught in the Gulf on Wednesday. Fresh shrimp are sooo delicious!

Just add brown rice/quinoa, tomatoes, spinach, onion, garlic, and olive oil. Yum!

Our Illinois friends Pam and John arrived here in their new-to-them DeFever last week. Happily, they are docked right next to us. They changed the name of their vessel from Gondola to Short Vacation in an authentic renaming ceremony involving champagne shortly after their arrival. We were invited to participate.

Marc and Michele from Marc's Ark

A toast to the gods of the winds

Sandy and Mike, friends visiting Short Vacation

Reading the ritual
A scroll containing the ceremonial words

John opening the champagne

Offering champagne to the sea gods
You can't be too careful with nautical superstitions and rituals!

It's been quite a week!

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