Thursday, March 30, 2017

Heading North on the Atlantic ICW

We are quickly (for a trawler) making our way up the east coast of Florida. This is our fifth trip through this area, so we have seen the sights we want to see. We need to be in North Carolina in just a few weeks, so we are moving along. The weather has been perfect, and we are enjoying our cruise.

Bridges are a common sight on the waterway. They come in all heights, lengths, and styles. The shorter ones have to open for us, but these are high enough for sailboats. (Usually around 65 feet)

   Today we arrived in St. Augustine, my all-time favorite city. We are docked in the Municipal Marina, known for its strong tidal currents. We had strong winds and maximum current, but no problems. We enjoyed a walk around the old city and a late lunch at the Colombia, a Spanish restaurant that we visit whenever we are here. We met several Loopers here, including Salt Lick, Karma, Rollin Tide, Tug Lee, and SeascapeThis town sustained considerable damage from Hurricane Matthew last October and they have made heroic efforts to repair and rebuild. 

Last April I was incredibly blessed to be in town for the annual Florida Birding and and Photography festival. Along a professional photographer and a small group of like-minded folks, I got to spend two spectacular sunrises on beaches- Vilano and Anastasia - photographing horses in the surf and also courting and mating birds. I also had a special photographers pass to the Alligator Farm, allowing me to go in photograph wild nesting birds an hour before the zoo opened to the public. It was such an amazing experience! Unfortunately the timing doesn't work for me to attend this year but I know someday I'll be back in Saint Augustine for the photography fest. Maybe next year!

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