Thursday, April 27, 2017

The AGLCA Spring Rendezvous

This year's Looper spring rendezvous (America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association)was held April 25-28 in New Bern, NC, on the Neuse River. New Bern has a lot to offer, from history to shopping to great restaurants. It also has bears- lots of bears. The bear is the official town mascot, and the statues represent historical and modern day figures. I am reminded of the sturgeons around town in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

Bearon de Graffenreid, founder of New Bern

The well-known pirate Black Bear'd

The Bear'er of Rights

The Sam Walton Bear at Walmart
I have more bear photos - many more- but you get the idea.

John and Mark are explaining the merits of navigating with the iPad to Bruce.

We girls had to prepare for the Rendezvous. Of course that involved pedicures!
Bev, (Seaquest), Becky, Pam (Short Vacation), Jan (Follow that Dream), and Judy (Let's Go) getting pretty toes.
The Rendezvous consists of various seminars, sponsor/vendor exhibits, boat tours (Looper Crawls), and food. We attended seminars describing sections of the Loop we will be traveling soon- the Chesapeake, New York and the Hudson, the Erie Canal, Lake Champlain, the Canadian canals and waterways, etc. The presenters were Gold or Platinum Loopers who have traveled those waters multiple times and have amassed  a wealth of knowledge about what to see, do, and expect along the way. After hearing the presentations we are super excited to travel the Canadian waterways this summer!

Mara Beel was on the crawl (i.e., open house) 2 afternoons, for which we had her in tip-top shape. We are glad that's over! Many of the attendees are in the initial planning stages of Looping and were there to learn about boat options, etc. We all love touring each others' boats in search of new ideas.

We had a great time meeting new friends and hanging out with old friends. We all share the same craziness! We will meet many of these Loopers again along the waterways as we continue our travels.

Patsy, Kay and Linda, Gold Looper Divas! (Photo from Facebook)

I don't know if all 250 attendees made it to the group photo here at New Bern Grand Marina- feel free to count heads.

Where's Waldo? Can you find Mark and Becky? We are near the back, in yellow shirts. (Photo by Kim Russo)

This was our third rendezvous, since we attended Fall rendezvous in 2010 and 2014 in Rogersville, Alabama. We learn more and have more fun every time!

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