Monday, January 12, 2015

Indian Rocks Beach to Madeira Beach

Day 97
Miles today: 7.5    Total miles: 2,502
Hours today:    1.5
Locks today: 0.    Total locks: 34

Friday morning we we shoveled snow before our flight to Clearwater- what a difference 2.5 hours can make! We arrived back on Mara Beel and were happily reunited with Serenity and Sea Horse. Kathy, Angie and Becky walked a few miles to Hammock Park- we spotted a Wood Stork, but of course I didn't have my camera with me.

The following day the 3 of us traveled a few miles to Indian Rocks Beach. Sunday was a great day for a walk on the beach- the morning was a little chilly, but it soon warmed up considerably. Sea Horse left us to head on south, but we stayed a second night here.

Serenity and Sea Horse

Becky and Kathy on the beach.

Our Guttenberg friends, Tom and Cindy, met us for lunch at Jimmy Guanas in the Holiday Inn Harbourside. We had just finished eating when Glenn and Brenda (Young at Heart) surprised us! We had not seen them since the Tennessee River in October, so we are having fun catching up.

Glenn, John and Mark are happy that shorts are again appropriate.

Today Mara Beel and Serenity cruised a few short miles to join Young at Heart in Madeira Beach. 

These 3 dolphins swam just under our bow for 5-10 minutes this morning. They seem to like it when our speed is around 9+ mph. When Mark slowed down, they left us.

We girls made a grocery run to Publix in Brenda's rental care- what a wonderful grocery store! I am getting pretty good and navigating the aisles, since most of them are arranged similarly. After a late lunch we all met to plan our route for the next week or so- continuing to head south.

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