Friday, January 23, 2015

Reuniting With Looper Friends

Day 109
Miles today:  0    Total miles: 2,537.5
Hours today:    0
Locks today: 0.    Total locks: 34

Our friends Brenda and Glenn (Young at Heart) just crossed their wake, which called for a celebration for these brand new Gold Loopers. (For our non-Looper friends, boats traveling the Great Loop for the first time fly a white burgee with the AGLCA emblem. When the Loop is completed, the burgee is replaced by a gold one. The few people that complete the Loop more than once fly a platinum burgee.) Young at Heart is  currently in Fort Meyers, so we made a day of it yesterday.

We left Bradenton early in our rental car. Our first stop was Punta Gorda, where we checked out the marina where we will soon be staying. It's a great place with nice people!

Next we moved on to Fort Meyers where we had lunch our very first Looper friends- Marc and Michele (Marc's Ark) and Bruce and Ann. The six of us met at the 2010 Rendezvous, and get together periodically. Craig and Barbara from Blue Heron joined us at Prime de Leon.

Perfect day for an outdoor lunch

We then went to Legacy Harbor to pick up Dan and Angie from Sea Horse. It's a huge marina with lots of Loopers- we have been feeling rather lonely in Bradenton because we haven't found any other Loopers. Anyway, we drove to Cape Coral marina to join Young at Heart and Serenity. It was wonderful to reconnect with Gina and Steve from Island Time- we had not seen them since October. Put-on' Around (Bridgette and Scott) and Bon Foeyage (Inger and Dick) joined us for dinner at Papa Joe's. What a terrific day!!

On board Young at Heart with their new gold burgee

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