Friday, May 8, 2015

Charleston's Proud Old Homes (and more)

We are still here, waiting on Tropical Storm Ana. We can't head north, because when she decides to move, she will move in that direction. Meanwhile we are taking advantage of this beautiful city. Today we rode the free trolley and walked around the Battery district South of Broad. The houses here are crazy with elaborate details and ornate iron work. They obviously cost a small fortune just to maintain- worse than even a boat!!

Mara Beel is safely tucked in for the duration.

Graveyard at St. Michaels Church

John Rutledge, buried here, was the 2nd Chief Justice of the U.S. He died in 1800.

These stones are actually up against the building.

The chandelier came from London in 1803.

The pulpit is original. George Washington and Robert E. Lee both worshipped here.

St. Michaels Anglican (Episcopal) Church was opened in 1761. It is the oldest church edifice in Charleston.

Look at the detail along the roof line!

Such ornate wrought iron!

Many porches have light blue ceilings to keep bugs away.

Small gardens are everywhere.

Notice the reflection in the windows.

Battery houses

More wrought iron

More gingerbread

Rainbow Row- named for its colorful buildings.

A cobblestone street. The stones arrived as ballast on sailing ships.

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