Thursday, May 7, 2015

Johns Island to Maritime Center

Day: 178
Miles today: 10     Total miles: 3,449
Hours today:  1.3

We left Johns Island mid-morning May 5th for a short ride to the Maritime Center Marina in downtown Charleston. There was plenty of traffic in the harbor- cargo ships, sightseeing boats, water taxis, a pilot boat, and even a large cruise ship.  We could see Fort Sumter as we passed by. The Maritime Marina is in downtown Charleston, within walking distance of the main tourist must-sees. We are pretty well tucked in and protected in this small marina- a good thing as it turns out.

We re-connected with TaTa and Jackets II just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas, quesadillas and Tex-Mex dip for docktails! Glenn and Brenda and two sailboaters joined us for a total of 11 on Mara Beel- a new record!

Yesterday Kathy, John, Mark and I took the obligatory carriage tour of the historic sights. It was interesting and informative to learn a little about the beautiful old homes here. Photography was challenging on the bumpy ride. We walked through the Market without being tempted by Gullah baskets or other trinkets. Lunch was at the Dixie Supply Café- Tomato Pie and Shrimp and Grits- both were delicious! Laundry is free at this marina, and Harris Teeter is a short walk away- we took advantage of both amenities.

John, "Bones" and Mark

Old Charleston was known for elaborate wrought iron.

Unitarian cemetery- deliberately natural appearance

Note the pineapple, wrought iron, and gas light

The tree in this garden is a crepe myrtle 

Homes on the Battery

Widow's walk

More Battery homes

Beautiful doors

Gullah baskets made of sweet grass at the Market

The third stall in is for Elwood, one of the carriage horses, also Mark's middle name.

Today, May 7,  we are hunkered down due to weather- rain and winds. It might or might not develop into a tropical depression. Either way, we will be here for a few days waiting for this weather to break up and leave. We are rocking a bit here at the dock, but it’s not an issue thus far. We are disappointed that our Tennessee friends will not be joining us for a few days of cruising. Our lives and activities are totally weather-dependent!


  1. Glad you are safe and sound! Gorgeous pics as usual. Charleston is on our bucket list!

  2. Didnt know that Mark was one of the Blues Brothers - or a cousin?

    Susan aboard Quo Vadimus