Monday, September 22, 2014

Green Turtle Bay, KY

What a trip! 110 miles, anchor out, 96 miles, anchor out, 40 miles,  and we are here! I cannot begin to describe the mess on the Mississippi- 4-5 mph current and tons of floating debris. We were zig zagging more than a destroyer evading a submarine! (We watch a lot of WWII movies.) The water was the color of  a latte and as thick as a milkshake. We did the last 2 locks on Old Man River with no delay, but tones of stress due to the above.

Our night at Hoppie's was pleasant- we were rocked to sleep by the wakes of passing towboats. The next night we anchored in Little Diversion channel- it was peaceful and safe from passing tows.

The next day (yesterday) we entered the Ohio. As several people remarked, it looked like the Caribbean after the nasty Mississippi. We did 2 locks again with no delay- just short of a miracle! Our anchorage last night was at Cuba Towhead, just where the Tennessee joins the Ohio. Another serene night- although I did dream that our anchor pulled loose and our boat sunk. Not much sleep after that.

Today we were on the Cumberland. The river was narrow but scenic and quiet- until the Barkley Lock. We went up 53 feet- very intimidating going in. A mile later we entered Green Turtle Bay Resort on Lake Barkley- we will soon be enjoying restaurants, spa, gym, and much more. Many, many Loopers are here.

Jim and Connie on "Patriot" led our group up the Cumberland.

The Olmstead lock and dam under construction on the Ohio.

The St. Louis Arch

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