Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Maybe we need an ark

There are 6 Looper boats that planned to leave Grafton Harbor Marina Thursday 
morning for Hoppies and then continue down the River. After conversations this
evening with Fern of Hoppies Marina at Kimmswick, we are not leaving Grafton. Fern says that
she is just 3 feet from flood stage and she did not recommend that we
travel on the Mississippi and Ohio until flood waters recede. She says
conditions are not safe because of increased current and large amounts of
logs and debris.  Her recommendation is that If we are in a safe place, we
should "stay put". The river is rising 3 or more feet per day around here.

Fern also said that even if we were able to get to Hoppies, conditions
would not be good at anchorages downriver. When we asked how long she
thought these conditions would continue, she estimated it will be 5-6
days before conditions improve.

The Lockmaster at Chain of Rocks said the locks and canal there are Ok. He also said that flooding on the Missouri would be dumping large amounts of logs and debris into the Mississippi that could
be dangerous. 
The good ole Mississippi is at it again!

So we remain at Grafton. Fortunately this is a great place to wait it out. There are restaurants, shops, a bike trail, etc here. And there are also boat projects on the to do list.  We might even decide to rent a car and drive over to St. Louis. It's all good!

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  1. Water is over the sidewalk at 2 rivers again. I came home for a week and planned to head back tomorrow, may wait till it goes back to normal now. It's a good thing not to have a schedule while cruising. Have safe travels.