Monday, September 8, 2014

To the Back of Beyond

Today we took our window screens to have the screens replaced. This involved an "adventure" in the marina's loaner car- actually a huge cargo van. We took the screens to a man who worked from his home near Batchtown, IL.  Batchtown is a mere 25 miles from here and a 50 minute drive. For starters, we had to cross the Illinois on the state-run Brussels ferry. Bridges across the Illinois are few and far between in these parts. 

Having successfully crossed the river we traveled on narrow unmarked roads through the hamlet of Brussels. Interesting town. 

From there we went through the even smaller village of Batchtown. Our screen repairman lived just outside town and re-did four screens while we waited. His work was excellent. On the return trip through this wonderland we purchased a bag of local apples "Ozark Gold" at a roadside market. They are good, but I am missing the Honey Crisp apples from Gays Mills, WI. 

While we were exploring the countryside, more Loopers arrived at the Grafton marina. I counted 23 at tonight's potluck. I have not seen this many Loopers in one place since we attended the Fall Rendezvous in 2010. 

Did you know that only about 100 boats complete the Great Loop each year? More people climb Mount Everest in a year than do the Loop! 

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