Saturday, September 27, 2014

Green Turtle Bay

We are definitely enjoying our week at Green Turtle Bay Marina in Grand Rivers, KY. The amenities here are plentiful and the weather has been absolutely beautiful! We have taken advantage of the laundry facilities, the loaner van, ships store, and various restaurants. There are dozens of Looper boats here as we all catch our breath after surviving the Mississippi and preparing to head up the Tennessee River.
Several boats had to be pulled out for repairs, but fortunately not us- yet. 

  Many Loopers are headed for the American Great Loop Cruising Association rendezvous at Joe Wheeler  Park near Rogersville, AL which starts in about 2 weeks. We were there 4 years ago when we first started dreaming about this whole adventure. This time it will be even more fun since we are on our boat! The rendezvous offers seminars, presentations on the next segments of the Loop, the chance to tour other boats, and of course lots of Loopers to meet.

We plan to leave here Monday with a few other boats and take the nearby canal that connects Lake Barkley (part of the Cumberland River) with Kentucky Lake, which is the Tennessee River. The two Rivers are very close together here, and the area between them is called Land Between the Lakes or LBL. We will anchor out a few nights and then head for another marina. 

As I mentioned yesterday, Mark, with the help of Steve from Island Time, installed a wifi booster/router. This helps us pull in the free wifi provided by many marinas. Up until now we've been frustrated that the free wifi was just to weak to work on our boat. What a world of difference this thing makes- it's a "Groove" made by Island Time PC -no connection to the boat by that name.  Today Mark is tidying up the wiring inside the salon. Yesterday the installed the antenna up on the bridge, drilled a hole to get the wires down here, and configured the router. The process has been tedious and time-consuming. 

The new antenna for the wireless router. 

Seems like everything is in a hard to reach spot on a boat!

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