Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Isle of Palms to St. John's Yacht Harbor

We covered just 16 miles yesterday but it seemed longer. The light rain became heavy once we were underway. On this part of the ICW we need to have enough water when we get to the shallow spots like the shoals near the Ben Sawyer bridge. That means scheduling departures and arrivals according to the tides. The recent heavy rains in SC have made the tides higher than usual/ good for boaters but not so much for dirt dwellers. 

Anyway, we encountered heavy rain and minimal visibility as we drove from our lower helm.  Radar and AIS helped us feel our way across Charleston Harbor and no huge cargo ships were in the immediate area. As Mark said, it was a good test of our seamanship skills. (I have never enjoyed tests of any kind. )

After we dried out Glenn and Brenda picked us up and took us to their James Island Yacht Club for dinner. It is an informal, fun group of people. They put on various dinners regularly, and this one was a full blown turkey dinner. Great food!

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