Saturday, November 7, 2015

Georgetown to Isle of Palms

The captain set a wake up call for 0500 today so we could "practice getting away early and quickly." As it turned out, we were enveloped in a thick fog and couldn't leave until around 10:00. Oh well. We are controlled by the weather when cruising.

We docked near the Coast Guard Station last night. The fog carried the sound of Reveille this morning, along with another call I didn't recognize. To quote our friend Andy, too fun!

We expected to experience a few transition "pains" as we re-adjusted to life on board Mara Beel after 5 months of "dirt dwelling." It didn't happen! Once we stepped on the boat, it felt as though we had never left. I was a little anxious about cruising solo, which we had not done since last fall. But, traveling by ourselves is comfortable. We come and go as we please (well, except for weather) and are re-tracing our route from April and May- so the bread crumbs are on our chart plotter. It's all good!

After an uneventful 5 1/2 hour trip we arrived at the Isle of Palms, Charleston. We had a wonderful shrimp dinner at the Long Island Cafe with friends Betsy and Mason. I forgot to snap a photo, darn it!

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