Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's Snow Good to be Home

After spending two days in St. Augustine, we moved on to Palm Coast where Mara Beel is spending the holidays. We drove over to The Villages to visit good friends Kathy and John of Serenity fame. Having completed the Loop several months ago, they are now at home getting used to life on land again. They showed us the sights- The Villages have a lot to offer! Golf carts rule here!

John, Kathy and Mark

Golf carts of every description

Leaving Mara Beel in good hands, we flew home for the holidays- just in time for 11 inches of snow! The first snow of the year is always exciting!

The Mississippi River tow boats are running for a few more days, before the locks shut down for winter. Jennie K spent the night inside Lock 10- it was snowing that hard during the night! The tows and a few crazy duck hunters are the only boats on the water- it's gotta be frigid out there!
Lee Ann Ingram heading north
We will return to Florida in January and cruise over to Fort Myers for two months. Meanwhile, I'm breaking out my snowshoes!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Your Christmas card was returned to me. I must have your wrong address.