Friday, November 13, 2015

St. Simon Island to Fernandina, Florida

Yesterday we cruised from Delegal Creek Marina to St. Simon Island, Georgia. We are traveling fast, so it's all a blur! We enjoyed cocktails on board Proud Mary last night with Barrie and Mary Ann- gracious hosts and a lovely boat. And I do mean lovely! And what are the odds of meeting a fellow school librarian on a boat??

We stopped briefly at Brunswick Landing Marina this morning for fuel, since their price is the best around. We cruised around Cumberland Island, where we anchored in the spring,  (wild horses and lots of history)  I bought the book and read about the Carnegie family that owned much of this unspoiled island which is now a natural seashore.  JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette were secretly married here. The ICW through Georgia is interesting-- many twists and turns, which add 38 miles to the 100 miles of waterway, and several shallow areas that needs to be coordinated with the tides- and marshes aplenty.

We passed Kings Bay nuclear submarine base unchallenged, and crossed the Georgia/Florida line. It was just a few miles more to Fernandina Harbor Marina. We spent most of the afternoon cleaning the boat, inside and out. It was sorely needed.

Sunset in Florida, cocktails -- it's all good!

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