Saturday, May 7, 2016


The four of us- John and Pam included- set off for a dinghy ride this morning to tour the surrounding river. We left early, so there was not much activity, at least where we went. There was a little fog rising off the water, due to the cool overnight temperature.

Intrepid explorers Pam and John

Us leading the way through the narrowing channel

Early bird looking for a worm


Green Heron

Reddish Egret

Black Vulture

We turned off the main waterway.
We chose to follow Snake Creek- while I fervently hoped it was named for its twisting course rather than for any reptiles that might live therein. For the next 3-4 miles we wound around the creek as it grew more and more narrow. We did not seen any gators, probably because it was too cool for them to appear.

Huge tree with Spanish moss

Our way is blocked by vegetation.
Finally our path was nearly impassable due to the abundance of hyacinth plants in the water. Our GPS showed we were very close to joining the main river, so we pushed on through the water plants to get to open water. So happy we did not have to turn around and retrace our circuitous route!

Our next stop was at Blue SpringsState Park.

Swimmer in the crystal clear water
At Blue Springs the water is 73 degrees year round, making it a popular manatee refuge in the winter months. In the summer it is a popular destination for locals and tourists who swim, snorkel, and dive in these beautiful waters.

We plan to be here at Hontoon Island State Park another night and then slowly make our way back north to Jacksonville.

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