Friday, May 6, 2016

Jacksonville to Hontoon State Park

We have left the coastal waters for a little while and are exploring Florida's St. Johns River, which connects with the ICW at Jacksonville. It is one of a few American rivers that flows northward. So we are traveling upriver, and yet south.

Yesterday we had a long day as we went from Ortega Landing to Acosta Creek Marina. The route was mainly wide open water at this point, and not terribly scenic.

Today the scenery improved greatly as we traveled from Acosta to Hontoon Island State Park. After a 12-mile stretch of wide Lake George, the waterway narrowed and twisted and turned. We were almost reminded of our own Mississippi River, and are enjoying river boating for a few days. Fresh water and no tides! As we have been told, this is "old Florida," meaning this area has not been developed with condos and resorts. The marinas are few and far between, and are intended for boats much smaller than ours. Nevertheless, the wildlife is plentiful, the pace is slow, and we are loving it.

This slip didn't work for us!

We took a short dinghy ride this afternoon along with John and Pam from Short Vacation

We are sharing dinners this week since we do not have access to grocery stores or restaurants. We are planning more adventures in the next few days!

An airboat on Lake George

Our view along the way

Calm water

Interesting boat lift

Quite the house

Old home

Welcoming committee

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