Sunday, May 8, 2016

Heading North Again

Today we turned around, leaving Hontoon Island and starting the trip back to Jacksonville. We had an easy cruise of about 22 miles and anchored off Morrison Island. The hot weather has returned with a vengeance, and wildlife is still plentiful along the river.

Wood Stork nest

Heron trying to cool off??

A homemade, derelict boat
Definitely not homemade, nor derelict.

Feeding time for baby herons

After anchoring we all went out in Short Vacation's dinghy. It being Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of boat traffic. We all reminisced about our weekends on the Mississippi and how sad we were to have to leave on Sunday evening to go back to the real world. Not any more! It's Sunday night and we are still on our boats enjoying the water!

Back off!


We have been taking turns making dinner during this river exploration. Tonight John grilled hamburgers for us while Pam fixed potatoes and corn. I don't know if gators are attracted to the smell of meat cooking, but as dusk fell we spotted 2 gators swimming in the direction of our boats. There are undoubtedly many more lurking nearby. John was wondering about the possibility of waking up tomorrow and finding a gator on his swim platform. Now THAT would be exciting!

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