Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Boats of Every Description

A cruise through Norfolk is a boat-lover's dream. What a wonderland of ships! I think we saw everything except Noah's Ark! The day began as we left Atlantic Yacht Basin before sunrise and ended at Deltaville early in the afternoon.  It was an exciting ride!

Leaving the dock at Atlantic Yacht Basin

Larry and Elke on Bajan Speed pulling away from the dock as the sky picks up some color.

Waiting for the 0600 opening of the Great Bridge Bridge
Bajan Speed passing under the Great Bridge Bridge

That is not a typo- this bridge is actually called the Great Bridge Bridge. It carries Battlefield Boulevard across the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal in Chesapeake, VA. This was the scene of a battle between colonists and British soldiers in 1775. The British hoped to choke off supplies to Norfolk by capturing this strategic bridge, but the colonists drove the troops back and held the bridge. The original wooden bridge was 10 feet wide- the modern version is 4 lanes wide. Immediately after this bridge is the Great Bridge Lock- no photos since I have to hold a line while locking through.

A small tug passing our stern

These tow boats look a bit different than the ones we are used to on the Mississippi.

These are parts of a bridge being built

A railroad bridge opening to allow us to pass under it. There is a car bridge behind it.

So many bridges!

Aircraft carrier in Norfolk


Navy ship

Notice how tiny the man is just above the dome.

Red tugs- these help steer big ships in the harbor

Waterside in Norfolk

Bajan Speed in front of a carrier

Sailboats at anchor 

Really big guns

More of Norfolk 

Loading a container ship

Cargo ships

More Navy ships

Looking through our windows at a cargo ship- we gave him a wide berth!

We are out of the shipping channels and into the Chesapeake

We are docked in Deltaville, VA

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