Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yorktown Battlefield

Yorktown is a short drive from our marina in Deltaville, so we took advantage of this fact and visited the National Historic Park where the Revolutionary War battle took place. It's an incredibly beautiful area, just across the broad York River from Gloucester. It was here that the Americans and their French allies defeated the forces of British Lord Cornwallis and for all practical purposes ended the War for Independence.

We took the narrated (by CD) tour in our car through the Battlefield- it was highly informative, even warning us to watch for cross traffic at busy intersections.

The Victory Monument
Part of the Battlefield Tour route

House in old Yorktown with a plaque commemorating French Admiral Comte De Grasse
 whose landing of troops and blockade of the Chesapeake Bay
were instrumental in the victory over the British.

A siege line


Grand French Battery Line
Fraises- pointed poles planted into the ground for defense

These were formidable for charging foot soldiers.

Mark looking toward the Visitor Center.

Fraises surrounding a redoubt, or earthworks.

Plaque commemorating the French role capture of Redoubt 9.

The troops of the Marquis De Lafayette and Alexander Hamilton stormed Redoubt 10 with fixed bayonets and unloaded muskets.

The Moore House, were the surrender terms were negotiated.
The surrender document was signed in this room.

One of the 4 bedrooms in the Moore House

Another upstairs room

Shorts beds, lumpy mattresses

The pantry

A swan on nearby Wormley Pond
Wormley Creek

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