Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Onancock, VA

Miles today: 35
Total miles: 7,198

We were finally able to leave Deltaville after a 2.5 week stay to wrap up the sale of Mara Beel! I will write details about exchanging our beloved boat for a smaller, trailerable tug in a future post, but for the moment you should know that we will be picking up Mara Beel II soon in Georgetown, MD. We are very excited!

In the meantime, we did not want to backtrack to complete this section of the Great Loop, and our great friends John and Pam on Short Vacation have been wonderful in taking us aboard to cruise up the Chesapeake on their 44' DeFever. We have settled into the forward cabin quite comfortably and love this generous couple- putting up with the 2 of us in close quarters for 10 days is no small feat!

So, here we are at Onancock on the EasternShore of the Chesapeake along with Tom and Coletta on Greek's Folly and Art and Pam on Tinacious. The bigger cities like Annapolis and Baltimore are on the Western Shore. While those places have a lot to offer, we prefer the quieter, laid back small towns across the Bay. Onancock, nestled on Onancock Creek about 5 miles off the Bay, is one of those special places. We have never met friendlier people anywhere! From the moment the dockhands caught our lines we felt welcome and appreciated. The best example of this spirit is when we gained 2 more folks for the dinner I planned to cook on board. I needed another Boursin cheese for my sauce. Six of us set off on our bikes for Walmart, which proved to be too far away and on a busy highway.  (We did, however, find Scoops ice cream shop.) Someone at the marina learned of our need and contacted a local wine and cheese shop which had closed for the day, but had no Boursin. The request was then relayed to Terris, owner of the Blarney Stone Irish pub,  who produced the necessary ingredient AND delivered it to our boat! Amazing! Dinner was saved! We enjoyed  delicious appetizers and a meal there the following day.

Onancock Wharf Marina and Greek's Folly

Pam is ready to ride!

Heron sculpture

Can't beat ice cream on a hot day!


Tom and Coletta

Pam and John

No words needed!

Historic Hopkins Bro. Store and Museum
 Downtown Onancock is just a short walk or bike ride from the waterfront. We girls found several shops to visit. Thursday afternoon featured a mini-concert in the town square presented by musicians on a tuba, a banjo and a violin playing old-time tunes- great fun!

Enjoying the music.

Tom and Coletta show how it's done.

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