Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tennessee River

We spent the last 2 nights anchored in a quiet and scenic cove on the Kentucky-Tennessee border. So relaxing to fall asleep and then wake up to the sounds of nature. I even spotted a deer having a morning drink just at sunrise. Our buddies on Island Time and Young at Heart made the time fly by with dinghy rides and cocktail hours. 

People are so friendly here! We rode in our dingy a mile or 2 to buy $10 worth of gas. The owner asked about our trip and then offered us the use of a car to run errands! We didn't need a vehicle but what a generous offer!

This anchorage is near whatever remains of Fort Heiman, one of 3 Confederate forts built in this area to control the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers. There was no way to get to the ruins on foot but there are more Civil War sites in our immediate future!

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