Friday, May 18, 2018

Great Kills Harbor, NY

Yesterday we completed what we hope will be our last cruise on open ocean waters. We left Manasquan, NJ, at 0745 and headed out Manasquan Inlet into the North Atlantic. We traveled a mile or two offshore for over two hours. The water was fine- we had 1-2 footers that built up a bit and then subsided into gentle swells. No issues with those conditions! Fog/mist and low visibility did concern us, especially as we had to cross shipping lanes leading into NY Harbor. Thank goodness for radar and AIS. We spotted a container ship in the distance and the Sandy Hook ferry speeding by us. Otherwise it was just small fishing boats.

We pulled into Great Kills Yacht Club and were warmly welcomed by Harbor Host John C., Rich, and several others. We are happy to be tied to a floating dock again- the fixed docks can make getting on/off our little tug challenging according to the tides.

The feeling we had when coming into this harbor!

Two other Loopers are here- Sauvy B and Diadema. We have met the crews of both boats,  (Robert and Carolyn and Jorge and Barbara) and had an adult beverage on Sauvy B last night. Yes, it is named for the wine!

This part of the world is heavily Italian and there are numerous restaurants and a wonderful deli to explore. We will have plenty of time to do so, since we are on a weather hold until Sunday at least.

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  1. So glad you made it to Great Kills! We never stayed there but have heard good reports. Italian food? Sounds delicious!