Monday, May 21, 2018

United States Military Academy at West Point

There is an unusual bright light in the sky today- if I remember correctly, it is called the Sun. It has been awhile since we've seen it in all its glory. We felt almost giddy to have those clear azure skies all day long!

We are enjoying our time at Haverstraw Marina.

Today we joined fellow Loopers Carolyn and Robert on a tour of nearby West Point. Duty, Honor, Country..... West Point is awe inspiring. It is the oldest active military base in the U.S. Tomorrow, May 22, marks the start of graduation festivities here.

The setting overlooking the Hudson is breathtaking.

Amphitheater for band performances

Some of the captured canons displayed at Trophy Point.

During the American Revolution General George Washington had several forts built along the Hudson in this area, including Fort Clinton and Fort Putnam. The river narrows and twists here, making in an ideal spot for fortifications.

In 1778 Washington had the Great Chain constructed and installed across  the Hudson from West Point to Constitution  Island to prevent the British from sailing up the river. Each link is two feet long and weighs 114 pounds. The entire chain weighed 75 tons and was over 600 yards long. The British Royal Navy chose not to test these fortifications. These 13 links, representing the 13 colonies, are all that remain of the original chain.

Civil War Monument. The column is the largest single piece of polished pinkgranite in the western hemisphere. Canons are buried barrels down in a circle around the monument in the hope Americans will never again fire on each other.

The bronze angel atop the monument.

The base of the Civil War Monument. The names of officers killed in battle victories are inscribed on the base.The torches are upside down to signify extinguishing civil conflict.

The names of enlisted men who were killed in these battles are inscribed on the belts circling the globes.

The cannon mouths are each inscribed with the name of a battle.

We ate lunch at the historic Thayer Hotel.

It was a great day, topped off with stops at West Marine and Stop and Shop- then back to the boat to relax.

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