Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Here We Go Again

Day 78
Miles today:  32    Total miles: 2,100
Locks today: 0.    Total locks: 34

We are back on board after a week-long trek to Iowa for Mark's mother's funeral. Another 2800 miles in a rental car. It was COLD and snowy in NW Iowa. The overnight low in the 20's here seems almost balmy in comparison! 

We are learning to decipher the wave forecasts measured by offshore buoys - the terminology includes smooth, light chop, moderate chop, choppy, and rough. We would rather not experience anything more than a light chop for any length of time!

Today we had a short cruise, and we crossed into Florida! That is exciting! And yes, there is a sign on shore welcoming boaters to the Sunshine State. We cruised past the Naval Air Station at  Pensacola and saw 2 Blue Angels flying low. 

We are tied up at Santa Rosa Yacht Club, a great facility with lots of amenities in Gulf Breeze.  We are taking advantage of the free laundry room. We took a long walk and enjoyed a fantastic grouper dinner at the Aegean Breeze restaurant. We definitely enjoyed today's relaxed pace. 

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