Friday, November 21, 2014

Panama City Beach

Day 80
Miles today: 64     Total miles: 2,221.5
Hours today:  6.8
Locks today: 0.    Total locks: 34

Today was another good cruising day, although the wind picked up and there was a light chop on West Bay, a wide section of the ICW. Mark was worried about the dripless shaft seal on our starboard shaft. When he checked down below in the nether regions of the boat last night, it looked like the seal was throwing off black carbon fiber. He did not, however, detect any vibration or other abnormality when we were underway. There was also a small diesel leak in one of the return hoses. We called ahead to Lighthouse Marina in Panama City Beach, knowing they have the repair facilities we might or might not need. The boat mechanic was standing by at the fuel dock when we arrived- talk about service! By the time a couple other guys pumped out our holding tank, Justin had diagnosed and fixed our issues- he tightened a couple of thing-a-ma-jigs and we were good to go! Awesome!

Since the Lighthouse doesn't really have transient slips they sent us across the Grand Lagoon to their sister marina, Pirates Cove. This is a wonderful place! Three guys caught our lines, hooked up our power, and made us feel like honored guests. They are super friendly here! We have excellent cable TV, free laundry, a loaner vehicle, restaurants within walking distance, and a Publix nearby. The beach is about a block away. We are very comfortable here and will be here at least through the weekend. Pier Pressure is tied up next to us. We have many other neighbors of the feathered type.

This evening we borrowed the loaner truck and drove to Dee's Hangout for dinner- fresh seafood with a Creole twist. We ate here last winter when we were by car, and loved it. Tonight's special was red fish with a tomato butter sauce with artichoke hearts and capers. Mouthwatering!

This is an oyster boat. The oyster man usually stand on the boat and uses the long handled rakes to gather oysters off the bottom. The oysters are stacked in the boat. We enjoyed some before dinner!

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