Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Just when I thought cruising days could not be any longer...

Day 70
Miles today: 98. Total miles: 1,936
Locks today: 1. Total locks: 33
Hours today: 10.5

We covered 98 miles today. At  a speedy 10 mph that is a long day. We pulled out of Demopolis at 5:30 am. It was still dark, but the lock master told us a southbound tow was approaching. So 7 boats hastily untied and locked through. This lock master was very picky. We had to radio him with our registration numbers before entering the lock. We had heard stories about him, so we were prepared. It was his way or the highway. 

We cleared the lock by 6:30 and then ran into some minor fog. Estrellita, Roundabout, Quo Vadimus and Mara Beel cruised at 10 mph all day. We are on the Tombigbee River, which offers little variety in scenery.  Yawn. We have noticed Spanish Moss on the trees and we saw 2 large alligators sunning themselves along the river bank! We don't see that on the Upper Mississippi! 

Two boats pulled off to anchor while we and Quo Vadimus continued another 4 miles to Bobby's Fish Camp. We are tied up to a dock right on the river with power, so that's good. We knew this place did not offer many amenities, but their southern hospitality was supposed to be exemplary. Ha! They act like they are doing us a favor by letting us stay here. Their fees are high, and they were almost surly. I'm going to write an unfavorable review on active captain. Don't need this attitude. The passing towboats, on the other hand, are very courteous, and slow down when passing to minimize their wakes. 

Foster and Susan and Bob from El Nido joined us for cocktails. The mosquitoes kept us inside, but no worries. 

We will definitely anchor out tomorrow night, since there is no other option. We hope to arrive in Mobile Thursday. 

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