Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Fine Day

We left Escanaba this morning and traveled 45 miles to Nicolet Bay in 5.2 hours. WI. I (Becky) drove the boat out of the slip, to the gas dock where we added 100 gallons of diesel and were pumped out, and then out of the harbor!! That is a huge achievement! 

We expected a bumpy ride, but it was actually pretty smooth sailing. Due to the haze and distance from shore, we didn't see land for several hours. We dropped anchor in Horseshoe Bay to put the dinghy into the water and play around for a bit. It was so much fun!!

Mark C. snorkeling in front of the Mara Beel

The 2 Marks- what a brain trust!

Since the wind is from the south we are spending the night in Nicolet Bay which is sheltered from the southerly winds.

Cocktails, supper, and sunset....

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