Saturday, August 24, 2013

End of the Lake

We left Waukegan this morning and were treated to magnificent views of the Chicago skyline from 3 miles offshore. We decided not to go through downtown Chicago, since there is lots of construction happening on or around many bridges with barges full of equipment. In many cases boaters must give a one or two hour advance notice when requesting a bridge opening. No thank you!

This was our last day on Lake Michigan-- we will miss the easy cruising. Just set the auto pilot and watch out for those pesky sailboats when they are racing. There were a lot of them this morning. We will have to be much more vigilant on the rivers.

The Admiral on the bridge
We are docked in Hammond, IN, next to the entrance to the Cal-Sag Canal. There's a huge casino here, right on the water.

Horseshoe Casino
In preparation for the river system, we had to lower our radar mast. We are now right around 16 feet high, which will allow us to pass under the lowest fixed bridge on our route. 2 young men from the marina crew helped Mark lay down the mast. We had a pump-out and also filled our water tanks, so we are ready to go in the morning- no more waiting on an acceptable wave height.

Our mast is laying down on the stern.

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