Thursday, August 8, 2013

Projects and Provisions

Back in our home port of Sturgeon Bay for a (hopefully) brief stay. Mark and Mark fixed the latch on our cabin (bedroom) door. We didn't realize it wouldn't stay latched until the storm the other night when it banged back and forth with each passing wave. That was no bueno. I knew that our fresh water tanks are located to the aft of our cabin- but never thought much about it until the storm. The wind and waves caused 160 or slightly less gallons of water to slosh violently seemingly under our heads. That was no bueno either, and fortunately a rare occurrence. It was very noisy with all that banging, sloshing, and thunder. Nothing like a bit of excitement in the wee hours!

The Marks also took off the starboard door and re-tooled the rollers so the door opens and closes more smoothly.They then tackled a problem with the shower faucet in the aft head-- that one is still to be resolved.

Meanwhile I took the laundry to the laundromat, where I was amazed at the prices. I guess they are not unusual, but I had not been to a laundromat in a few decades- thankfully. Seems like only the prices have changed.

After lunch at the Neighborhood Pub, I re-stocked our pantry with trips to Marchant's Meat Market and EconoFoods.

Mark C. left for Muscatine in our truck around 4:30 PM. Now we are without a vehicle -except for our folding Dahon bikes- we are truly Boat People at last! In fact, Mark had to pedal to the hardware store while I was grocery shopping. It works!

Our plan is to cross Lake Michigan to Frankfort, MI, the first chance we get. We need waves of 1-3 feet max and either westerly or easterly winds in northern Lake Michigan. North or south winds would give us beam waves, which are uncomfortable. Our crossing distance will be about 60 miles, and we cruise at 9-10 mph. We will be prepared to leave early tomorrow morning if conditions are favorable. Keep your fingers crossed.

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