Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heading South

 In the laundry room at the Leland Marina we met a couple from Chicago who are heading back there on their sailboat First Look. (In fact, they found the missing sock from our laundry). Yesterday the wind finally subsided, so we all cast off and headed south, back to Frankfort.We both spent the night in Jacobson Marina in Frankfort- a friendly marina with great facilities including a pool and hot tub.

We like this town a lot- it has just enough shops to be interesting without being a tourist trap. The beach and bike path are easily accessible and top notch. The nearby streets are lined with Victorian era houses that are well-maintained.

Mark and I rode our bikes a few block to the grocery store to pick up a few things since we had invited Bob and Kathy to our boat for dinner. We had a wonderful evening together sharing stories and experiences- wine might have been involved. We all plan to move on down to Manistee today and hopefully cross the Lake to Manitowoc, WI on Friday or Saturday.

Kathy and Bob

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  1. "Wine might have been involved . . . " LOL! Good for you! ;-)

    It sounds like your adventure is going quite well, minus a mishap or two. The sand dunes looked amazing! I want to travel to the dunes!

    Continued wishes for safe and enjoyable travels, experiences and friendships!