Saturday, April 25, 2015

Brunswick, Georgia

Travel Day: 173
Miles today:   38     Total Miles: 3,281
Hours today: 5.7

On Thursday (April 23) we traveled from Cumberland Island to Brunswick, both in Georgia. This trip involved several miles of tricky, skinny water, so we timed our passage to coincide with the rising  tide. It felt like we were in a parade led by Sweetwater, then Serenity, Mara Beel, and Field Trip. We even followed Zama Dawn, a sailing vessel, for awhile, since they draw more water than we do. We also crossed Jekyll Sound and St Simon's Sound. These are inlets, or places where the Intracoastal Waterway is open to the Atlantic. It makes for crazy currents and confusing ATONs, or aids to navigation. The trip was uneventful, thankfully. Our destination was Brunswick Landing Marina, where we took on 116 gallons of diesel and had our waste pumped out. This marina is a great place! 14 floating docks, a new clubhouse, free laundry, a huge library, free wine 3 nights a week.... what more could a Looper want??

Fourteen of us walked a few blocks and ate together at Fox's Pizza Den that evening. The group included old friends and new ones. 

We put women at one end of the table and men on the other since we ladies find detailed discussions of engines less than stimulating.

Friday was busy. We did our laundry staring about 6:30 am. Kathy, Pam, Mary and I did yoga in the clubhouse just before Roger and Mary on Ta Ta left town. It was wonderful to see them again after several months! Meanwhile Mark and John tackled changing the oil in their respective boats. 

Mary, Kathy and me

Andy drove Julie, Kathy and I to Publix for much-needed groceries in the mini-van we all rented. After a quick lunch six of us drove a short distance to St. Simons Island to see the sights. This island is very developed with beautiful homes, golf courses, shops and restaurants- night and day compared to Cumberland. It was fun to see, but I prefer the unspoiled beauty of Cumberland.

Today we went to the nearby Farmers Market. Miss Earlleen's crab cakes and sweet potato pie are every bit as good as advertised! Mark continued with the oil change process. He did both engines, both transmissions, and the generator. Whew! That is a total of eight gallons of oil.

This evening eight of us gathered on Mara Beel for dock tails and delicious snacks.We will be leaving with the tide tomorrow and heading to an anchorage.

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