Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Day:  165                          Hours today:  5.5
Miles today: 38                 Total miles:  3,058
Locks:   0                         Total: 39

We had a pleasant night in our anchorage last night, even though we slept with one eye open, re-checking our position. We didn't drag, but we still worried. More practice is in order, but only on calm, cool nights. We pulled the anchor around 0800 to join up with Kathy and John on Serenity as they came from their marina farther up the river. The rowers were out in full force again this morning.

3 boats

Cute guys!

Boats everywhere
We cruised on up the ICW behind Serenity. The marked channel was extremely skinny several times- our depth finder showed its lowest possible reading of 4.7 feet more than once. We draw 3' 10", so that was a little too close for comfort. It was hot today- 88 degrees and no noticeable breeze. We passed under too many bridges to count- all of them high enough to let boats under. Almost all the boaters we encountered were courteous, a welcome change. It was a monotonous trip due to the heat and little variety in scenery -until we neared Titusville and saw the huge NASA building-

NASA building.

We are very near Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center- they are just across the bridge on Merritt Island. As soon as we tied up in the marina we had big hugs for Kathy  and John and Roe and Gus from Summerland! We had 10 on board for docktails- including Teri and Al from Teri Ann and new acquaintances Jon and Karen from Magic

We ate dinner at Dixie Crossing, the "best" restaurant in town. The Royal Red shrimp were delicious! Then it was time to call it a day.

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