Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fort Pierce

Day: 161
Miles:     0                          Total Miles: 2,965
Locks today:     0                   Total locks:  39

There's not a lot to report on today.  We are enjoying the goings-on in Fort Pierce. Since yesterday was the first Friday of the month, Friday Fest was held right here on the water front. It consisted of vendors offering food and arts and crafts, as well as live music. Yesterday afternoon we attended the get together hosted by the Treasure Coast Cruisers at 121 Tapas on the Water restaurant nearby. The tapas were excellent, but the restaurant is now closed for the summer.

Meat and cheese sampler

Cordoba tapa roll

Mark replaced our ailing refrigerator battery yesterday with the help of a marine mechanic. The mechanic also checked out our exhaust risers using a fiber optic camera. We thought they might need to be replaced, but the scope revealed that they are in excellent condition- whew! 

Full moon last night

Lunar eclipse
I got up a little early to photograph the eclipse. The moon set before the eclipse was complete, and there were several pesky sailboat masts blocking my shots. I did what I could. Interesting that this eclipse occurred on our son's birthday, and the last one happened on my birthday.

Today we plan to visit the Farmers' Market and the Oyster Festival.

Happy Easter!


  1. Great photos of the moon! Enjoy the Farmers' Market today and we will see you next week.

  2. Hey now. No dispariging comments about sailboat masts!

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