Friday, April 17, 2015

Daytona Beach to Marineland

Hours today: 4.9
Miles Today:  38       Total miles: 3,144
Locks today: 0            Total Locks: 39

The grand exodus of MTOA vessels from Daytona Beach began today. We left earlier than planned this morning after evaluating the weather forecast. As it turned out, the 100% chance of rain did not produce any rain. It was overcast all day, but no precipitation. This area is experiencing an "anomalous summer weather pattern", as we learned in our NOAA weather class yesterday. That means there is a hefty chance of thunderstorms every day. We also learned that Florida is hit by lightning more than any other state. Good to know.

In many areas the Atlantic ICW we traveled today is lined with incredible homes and their docks, each one more spectacular than the last. Now and then we saw undeveloped areas of marsh or trees, but not often. There were no issues with depth, and bridges opened promptly.

 We arrived at the Marineland Marina around noon along with Serenity. Marineland is between Palm Coast and St. Augustine. The marina is small but very helpful and friendly. There is a dolphin attraction of sorts here, but it is mainly a research facility.

After a quick lunch we went for a walk on the nearly deserted beach with Kathy and John. Kathy taught me about a rock type found here called coquina. Coquina is a sedimentary rock composed of shell fragments that have become cemented together by wave action. Interesting!

A coquina specimen

We met another MTOA boat, Carpe Vita, with Dottie and Jack, docked nearby. The guys went to Captain's BBQ in a borrowed car and bought pulled pork and fixins for our supper. Six of us ate on Mara Beel, and I forgot to take a picture- the rock is the best I can do today!

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