Tuesday, April 21, 2015

St. Augustine to Fernandina Beach

Travel Day:    170-171                    Hours both days: 8.1
Miles both days: 57                        Total miles: 3,223
Locks today: 0                              Total Locks: 39

We intended to make this run in one long day, with Plan B being to tie up at a free dock in Sisters Creek near Jacksonville if the weather proved ugly. 
Sunset in St. Augustine
We left St. Augustine before sunrise, early enough to catch the lighthouse with its light turned on.

The tides make travel interesting. Running at the same RPM, the tidal current either gives us a boost up to 10 mph or slows us down to about 6 mph depending on whether the tide is going in our out, or is slack. The current is also influenced by the nearest inlet to the Atlantic. It's crazy! We did well for several hours, but the threatening weather inched ever closer. So Plan B it was. We pulled into Sisters Creek in a fierce current on the outgoing tide and tied up to the dock. Since it is a free dock, there was no power or other amenities, but no problem. A bit later another boat asked if they could raft up with us, since the dock was full. We agreed, but as they tried to approach, the current drove them into Mara Beel, causing damage to our starboard quarter. <sigh> We will get it fixed when we leave the boat for the summer. We were all happy to be secure when the wind and rain arrived.

Yikes! Serenity and Fruit Cakes in front of us.

 8 of us gathered for docktails in spite of the rain.

This morning we continued on to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, only 22 miles away. We arrived in time to enjoy lunch at the Marina Seafood restaurant, a short walk up the street. This restaurant has been family-owned since the 1960's and serves home cookin'. After lunch we found plenty of cute shops for us ladies to browse! 

Colorful stairs

The time was incorrect

Pulp wood is a major industry here

This evening's dock tails were actually imbibed on the dock for a change since the weather was ideal. The snacks and ice cream from Fantastic Fudge Ice Cream Parlor  comprised our supper. 

Kathy, Becky and Julie

Another amazing sunset!

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  1. So sorry to hear of the damage to Marabeel. Tides - get used to it, you get to have fun with them up to NY (especially GA, SC, and NC)! Enjoying your trip and the blog. Wayne and Rhonda