Monday, October 13, 2014

AED- literally a lifesaver

A boat near us had a near-fatal medical event shortly after arriving yesterday afternoon. We heard a thud from inside our boat as a gentleman collapsed on his boat. Help was immediate and appropriate. A family practitioner, a hand surgeon, at least one nurse, a dentist and a paramedic are also here on boats and were performing CPR within a minute. CPR was not enough to get the man breathing again. Fortunately at least 2 boats are equipped with an AED, a defibrillator. That is what saved this man's life! The machine automatically identifies what is needed and gives instructions on what to do. What a God- thing-- an hour or 2 earlier this boat was locking through Wheeler Lock, where help would have been difficult.  It seemed that the ambulance (which is a distance away and run by volunteers) took forever to get here, and then had trouble knowing which dock to go to. Our role was to remain on our boat and pray, rather than get in the way. I was proud of how all the Loopers around us handled this crisis. A few people then went to the hospital to sit with the wife. No one seemed to know these folks, but everyone stepped up to help without being gawkers.

This morning's report says the man has 4 blockages of 70-100%. But he is alive. Mark and I are now strongly considering adding an AED to our boat.


  1. Sounds like a good idea!

  2. He was very lucky there were people with the proper training nearby to give aid. Safe travels

  3. was a Godsend they got to Joe Wheeler...and you were there to pray! Take care and enjoy Rendezvous. PSR