Saturday, October 11, 2014

Joe Wheeler State Park- Day 2

I don't have anything exciting to report today. We woke up around 5AM as usual, so Mark took our laundry and walked up to the store/laundromat/office. There is only ONE washing machine so demand is high, considering the many Loopers here. Even at that hour, he was second in line!

After a hearty bacon and eggs breakfast, we got busy on boat chores. We had not done much this past week, so the boat was dirty. Mark scrubbed the outside, which took several hours. Back at Green Turtle Bay a lot of leaves fell on the decks and left brown spots that were hard to remove. It seems like we collect plenty of dirt and grime going through locks, too. Meanwhile, I made hummus and yogurt. Several days ago I discovered that the cloth curtains (pleated dry clean only) in the  forward head were very mildewed. Yuck!  I moved the vinyl curtain from the aft head into the forward head. I cut out the moldy lining from the cloth drapes and threw it away, leaving the nice white curtains. I put those in the aft head since we only use that shower for storage. What a plan. 

We are contemplating having Mara Beel in the trawler crawl Tuesday- it's like a tour of homes on boats. Loopers here at the Rendezvous can tour the boats who volunteer for the crawl on Tuesday or Thursday after the seminars. Mark and I took advantage of this when we attended the 2010 Rendezvous, and it was very helpful to us. But to be one of the boats on the tour requires a whole new level of clean and tidy for us! Oh my. It is definitely an incentive to clean up!

This evening the local yacht club hosted a chili supper for Loopers on the big dock here. They had several kinds of soup, hotdogs, desserts, etc. They set up a huge TV screen since Auburn played Mississippi State. Very gracious folks! Sadly, it was not a good evening for the Auburn Tigers.

Here's a photo of our marina from Google Earth- we are on the dock to the far left. All the slips are now filled with Loopers, so it looks much different. The chili supper was on the dock on the right with the blue roof.

The seminars and meals will be in the Lodge starting Monday afternoon.

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